Jing Ze is Section 17’s new Restaurant and Bar, where the offer re-visits the traditional, whipping up new favourites along the way. Designed to share, and heavily inspired by the South-East-Asian palette of flavours, Jing Ze brings to the table, a familiar yet adventurous, new cultural experience.

Crispy corn served wit traditional peanut sauce (RM12)

Loh Mai Kai Wings (RM7 each)

Fried chicken wings stuffed with fermented pork and served with sriracha sauce.

Tuna gohu (RM35)

Refreshing raw tuna salad served with citrus kosho, mustard sorbet and kemangi.

Chili and garlic tempura calamari (RM32)

Fried calamari drizzled with sriracha mayo and topped with coriander.

Pork and prawn gyoza (RM25)

Pork and prawn gyoza that is drizzled with spicy “fire sauce” and topped with crispy pork lards.

Kimchi salad (RM15)

Kimchi salad served with cherry tomatoes, roast nuts, green apple slices and drizzled with miso dressing.

Tomato fried rice (RM20)

The tomato taste is very light and the fried rice is cooked with chiang mai spice and topped with typhoon shelter.

Dry aged duck breast (RM65)

Duck breast that is cooked in red curry sauce, lychee and topped with coriander. Lychee was amazingly juicy.

Deep fried crispy pork belly (RM45)

Crispy pork belly that is cooked in sour and spicy dressing sauce. Surprisingly delicious.

Kunyit Tofu (RM20)

Japanese tofu cooked in gado gaodim sauce and topped with kacang botol.

Taiwanese pulled duck bao (RM10 each)

Pulled duck drizzled with chilli oil topped with pickled vegetables.

Fried banana and apple pie (RM20)

Served with peanut butter ice cream.

Coconut parfait (RM20)

Coconut parfait that is served with gula melaka sago and topped with honeycomb crumb.

No.22A Ground & Mezzanine Floors, Jalan 17/54, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-12am