Salt-baked chicken lovers don’t have to go through the trouble of travelling up to Ipoh now! Their salt-baked chicken is cooked traditionally with an age-old recipe, using only the freshest and finest kampung chicken that gives the desirable taste without compromising on the quality and methods of cooking. They even offer delivery services now! 

Original Ipoh Salt-Baked Chicken (RM28)
Here comes the signature dish. Buried in coarse salt and baked in the oven. Yummy and juicy. 
Lala steamed with pork strips (RM22) 
Love the broth a lot. Tasty and flavorful. 
Mushroom with chicken feet (RM12)
The popular local oriental delicacy. 

Sweet and spicy pig trotters (RM22)
Moist, tender and succulent. The sweetness from the white radish makes it taste even better. 

Steamed 3 types of eggs (RM12)
Chicken egg, salted egg and century egg are steamed in delicious harmony to form a sumptuous yet simple dish. 
Bruce lee steamed fish  (RM38)
Steamed fire breathing fish (RM38) 
There are three levels of spiciness.
Steamed pork strips with cincaluk shrimps (RM18) 
Muar Otak-otak (RM13)
Everyone knows that Muar is famous for their otak-otak.
Steamed tofu with pork and fish paste (RM15) 
Simplicity at its best. 

Spicy & sour egg plant (RM9)
Yaw Mak Dam (RM9) 
Choy Sum (RM9) 
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