Interlude bar has arrived to the famed happening nightlife TTDI. By naming itself as ‘The 1st Tapas Bar in Malaysia’ clearly presenting you a brand new and unique dining experience with ingenious taste of international. Rabin the owner of the bar was an experienced chef in Australia for many years. Interlude serves original & flavoursome food and cocktails in creative ways.

The bar was designed in modern style and hosting a live jazz night. Classy and relaxing environment for social events

Interlude’s 250g Beef Burger (RM32)
250g beef patty served with onion rings. Yeah, 250 grams. Soft but chunky texture with a good meaty beef taste. Juicy & flavourful. Absolutely delicious.

Ultimate Interlude Pork Burger (26)
Served with chips. Add on bacon/fried eggs/cheese (RM4).
The ultimate juicy, super flavourful and sublimely tender pork patty.

Pork Nachos (RM28)
Tortilla chips with pork/chicken guacamole, sour cream and cheese. A great, festive, delicious party dish!

17 Hours Pork Belly
Yes, they take 17 hours to make this scrumptious pork belly. The skin is so crunchy. So fattening, but it’s worth melting in your mouth.

Chicken Sandwich (RM26)
Toasted focaccia bread with crumbed chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and served with fries. Add on bacon / fried egg / cheese (RM4). Crumbed chicken fillet was beautifully crispy, tender and delicious.

Bacon Sandwich (RM28)
Toasted focaccia bread with pork bacon, cheese and Guinness barbecue sauce. Add on bacon / fried
egg / cheese (RM4). Sandwich would definitely taste smokey good with added bacon and cheese right!
Quattro Pork Pizza (RM28)
Lap Cheong sausage, pork bacon, crispy pork belly and chorizo. Yes, there are four different flavours which you definitely wouldnt have to get bored of eating the same flavour! Thin and crispy crust
Chicken Parmagiana (RM30)
Shallow fried chicken breast with marinara sauce and cheese served with chips and salad. Rich, flavorful and totally satisfying. Marinara sauce is one of life’s simple pleasure which enhances the chicken pretty well.
Nantua of Spaghetti with seasonal seafood (RM30)
Nantua spaghetti with seafood is definitely an excellent pasta dish cooked in smooth and creamy prawn bisque as well as tomato based sauce.
Caramel Trifle (RM22)
What’s life without desserts? Sometimes, all you need is a spoon!
Rainbow shot
It’s a vodka drink but not a very strong one. An extra fruity vodka based rainbow cocktail!
Chocolate Martini (RM25)
Chocolate, vodka, creme de cacao white & baileys.
Pink Senorita (RM26)
Tequila, triple sec, lime juice & cranberry juice.
Melon Margarita (RM26) (Frozen)
Tequila, peach liqueur, peach puree & sweet sour.

Black Widow (RM26)
Vodka, kahlua & guinness stout.
Cafe Latte (RM13)

50, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 3-7733 7119

Closed on Mondays

Tue to Fri   4pm – 1am
Sat to Sun 12pm – 1am