A cafe with nice retro theme that surely brings you nostalgic moments especially for the 80s. A place filled with childhood memories which is great for gatherings. They even have board games to occupy children too. 

The basement! 

Besides of having a birthday celebration, you can celebrate some other events here as well. 

This is their brunch menu which is only available during the weekends. 

A80’s Signature (RM95)
A big tray served with roasted half chicken, wedges, chicken sausage, BBQ chicken sausage, fish & chips, sweet corn, hashbrown, breaded shrimp roll, garden salad and pesto bread. It comes with BBQ sauce and tartar sauce. A hearty platter that can be shared with three to four persons. I advise you to not let your camera ‘eat’ for too long as the bread will become hard to chew in a short time. 

Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta (RM28)
Creamy white sauce with smoked salmon and ebiko. It was surprisingly delicious! The ebiko compliments the pasta very well and I couldn’t get enough of it! 

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (RM24)
Charcoal grilled, garden veggie, roasted potato & black pepper raisin sauce. One of the chef’s signature dish which you shouldn’t miss. The special homemade black pepper sauce was very unique and it went pretty well with the chicken chop.

No Idea (RM23)
It’s like a suprise! You’ll have no idea what is this dish as it’s all up to the chefs! The dish will be different every time you visit. Well, if you get back the same dish, means you have not been visiting this cafe for quite long. :p

Smoked Duck Pesto (RM24)
Homemade pesto sauce, smoked duck breast, shitake mushroom. 

Dog food
Served with mashed potatoes, fries and homemade sauce. 

Dancing In the Pan (RM20)
Bread pudding topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sizzling sound could be heard upon pouring the sauce and this is why it’s named ‘dancing’ in the pan. Eat the bread pudding with ice cream as it’s sizzling hot! 

Their smoothies are really refreshing and delicious! Thirst-quenching and trust me you’ll want more.

Apple Orange Lychee (RM16)
Mix Berries & Dragon Fruit (RM16)
Peach Mango with Magic Ball (RM14)
Mango Orange Basil Seed (RM14)

Homemade coffee

35, Jalan SS 4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

+60 3-7497 2846

1030am-1030pm daily