Situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong’s strategic location on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea has made it one of the world’s most thriving and cosmopolitan cities.


Pose and take pictures along the busy streets! 
Each Mrt station has its own colour. While waiting for the Mrt, why not pose and take a picture at each stop? 
Chuen Moon Kee is easy to reach by metro from Mong Kok Station and is close to the Canton Road street market. It is conveniently located beside the hotel at the Cordis in Mong Kok. It is a typical Hong Kong-style teahouse which serves a variety of Hong Kong dishes. 
Hong Kong style milk tea
Smooth and creamy texture.
Shark Fin with Rice
Bun with Pork Chop
Fried Rice Noodle with Sliced Beef
Chee Kei is Hong Kong’s premium wonton noodle shop. It has a taste that bridges cultural chasms. Locals take comfort in the familiar balance between a meaty, flavorful wonton filing, wrapped in delicately slippery skin, served in a bowl of aromatic, warm broth. 
Some of the Hong Kong street food essentials. 
Curry Fish balls which are deep-fried and boiled in a hot pipping curry sauce.
Pineapple Buns
Pineapple buns dont actually have pineapple in it. Buns that are filled with large slabs of butter. 
Fried Pig Intestines 
Sticks of deep fried entrails.
Shark Fin Soup
Chinese Sausage

Bubble Milk Tea
Cart noodles or che zai mian are noodles where you get to choose your own toppings.
Cheung Hing Kee
Pan fried buns goodness! Crispy on the bottom, soft on the top. So good and i highly recommend this! Be careful with the soup though, it’s hot! 
Feeling hungry at night time? There are a few hotpot restaurants open late past midnight.
Lamb Hotpot
Spicy Chicken Hotpot
Jointed Heart is a Hong Kong noodles restaurant which is well known for its Yunnan-style rice noodles.
Yat Lok – One Michelin Star Roast Goose Restaurant
Fragrant succulent geese roasted to perfection, with a crispy glistening skin that will leave you in awe.
Venchi Chocolate
An exquisite selection of fine chocolates and mouth-watering artisan gelato flavours produced according to Italian traditional methods and using high quality, natural ingredients.
Ramen for dinner in Hong Kong? Why not? 
A visit to 1881 Heritage will transport you to Victorian-era Hong Kong. From the 1880s to 1996, this was the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police. Several buildings and artefacts of historical interest have been preserved and restored, and the site now features a shopping mall, a heritage hotel and an exhibition hall.
Langham Place Office Tower
Langham Place is a commercial skyscraper complex. The Langham Place Office Tower is one of the ten tallest office buildings in Hong Kong when measured up to the highest architectural point, which is the dome. The tower’s dome illuminates at night and changes colour slowly in a light show on weekends and holidays. The entire tower is covered in light-reflecting blue glass which is separated at two intervals by grey glass.
Nice views from IFC mall!