Home Style Kitchen Asam House is the perfect place for you to satisty those delectable local homecooked dishes that you have long craved. The ambience and interior of this place was a delight and will certainly make you feel at home as you savour on those lovely dishes.

Superior Clam Soup (RM28)
I had to say that the broth was wonderful, so full in depth and flavour as it contains white wine. On the other hand, the clams were huge, fresh and nicely cooked.
Pandan Chicken (RM4 /pcs)
The chicken was very well marinated and put together. Although it was deep fried to golden brown, it still remain moist and tender on the inside. Filled with fragrance of the pandan leaves and the spices.
Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper (RM108)
Fresh dragon tiger grouper steamed in light soy sauce and topped with fried garlic and ginger to further elevate the taste and appearance. 
Assam Prawn (RM28)
Fragrant assam paste coated prawns that you just can’t stop eating. The level of sourness and spiciness was just right. Prawns were huge and fresh too!
Minced Garlic w/ Long Bean (RM16)
This vegetable dish is unique as you don’t really see many restaurants fry the garlic until golden and crispy. Crunchy and healthy.
Pumpkin Prawns (RM28)
Thick and buttery sauce beautifully coats the huge prawns. 
Green Pepper Steamed Pomfret (RM
White pomfret beautifully steamed and covered in herb and ginger paste. It was slightly sour but the taste isn’t so bad. This would be your best bet if you prefer to enjoy the natural taste of the fish without too much ingredients added.
Butter Salted Egg Crab (RM88 for 2)
The crab was huge in size, juicy and succulent. It was so fresh that it does not stick to the shell and can be easily peeled. The sauce was on point, from the texture to its taste was just amazingly delish. and surely enhances the natural sweetness of the crab.
20, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
+60 3-8051 7107

11am-3pm // 5pm-10pm daily