Feeling the need of some sugar fix after a long day? Head on over and have some snowy iced dessert at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe! Kdrama and Kpop fans rejoice as they have an interesting selection of authentic korean dishes available as well.

Table Cooked Topokki (RM34.80)
It will be cooked right before your eyes by their well-trained staffs to ensure the best possible taste. The topokki was chewy and delicious, just the way i like it. The additional ingredients such as eggs, ramyeon noodles, and vegetables further enhanced the taste of the dish. 

Stone Bowl Bibimbap (RM19.80)
I absolutely love having my bibimbap served in a piping hot stone bowl as it just makes it more enjoyable and stay warm for a longer period of time, as compared to plastic or glass bowls. The meat and assorted vegetables were very well seasoned and cooked to perfection. Toss in the red pepper sauce, mix it thoroughly and you may start to dig into this lovely.

Japchae w/ Beef (RM13.80)
Japchae is a famous korean dish that the Koreans (and korean fans) could not live without. Made of glass noodle, this dish includes meat, vegetables, and a tinge of soy sauce and sugar. Delicious!

Kimchi Pancake (RM12.80)
Two of the koreans favourite combined to form a heart warming dish. If you like kimchi, I am sure to say that you’d love this! Great flavours, perfect texture of the pancake and well marinated kimchi.

Seafood Pancake (RM14.80)
The pairing of fresh and succulent seafood with traditional korean pancake is indeed a match made in heaven. The pancake was light and fluffy, and not too oily either!

Cheesy goodness!! 

Spicy Baby Octopus (RM53.80)
Assorted cheese topped with fresh baby octopus marinated in a spicy red sauce.

Spicy Chicken Drummetes (RM54.80)
Did someone say cheese and drummetes? Yums. One of their specialty dish which will never dissapoint. Juicy and tender drummetes paired with the gooey melted cheese.

Korean Chicken Salad (RM14.80)
Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s still a fried chicken dish. However, this chicken salad dish is worth all the calories and absolutely terrific. Crunchy yet tender!

Soy Sauce Chicken (RM16.80)
Perfectly fried chicken marinated with soy sauce, topped with toasted almond flakes for that extra crunch. If you like your chicken more savoury, this would be your best bet!

Korean Honey Chicken (RM16.80)
Just like your typical fried chicken but slightly sweeter and more fragrant due to the honey involved in the marinating process. 

Korean Spicy Chicken (RM16.80)
If you prefer some extra kick, this is it. The spicy chicken was marinated in a spicy red pepper sauce and deep fried to perfection. Lip smacking good!

Chicken Seaweed Soup (RM15.80)
A warm and hearty soup made from the essence of chicken and seaweed. Perfect for rainy days. It was really flavoursome.

Mackerel Kimchi Soup (RM15.80)
I’m pretty sure you know what a kimchi soup is, but one with a mackerel inside might be new to you? Despite how odd it was, the mackerel actually go well with the kimchi soup and tasted amazing! Do give it a try guys.

Blueberry Cheese Snow Ice (RM26)
Milky korean bingsu topped with abundant of cheesecake and fresh huge blueberries, with a generous drizzle of blueberry sauce and scoop of ice cream. The cheesecake was moist and creamy but not cloying.

Strawberry Cheese Snow Ice (RM
Strawberry sauce laced bingsu paired with the sweet and juicy imported korean strawberries, finished off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for that extra creamy flavour.

Mango Snow Ice (RM24)
Now who doesn’t like mango? I am pretty sure most of us does, and its all because of that tangy and luscious flavour of it. Sweet, creamy, and delectable.

Durian Snow Ice
The newly launched snow ice made from real durian flesh of a Musang King. It was so delicious to the extent that i licked the bowl clean. Just kidding. But it was really good for a durian fan like me. Oh, and did i mention that it also comes with a large scoop of durian flavoured ice cream on top? Yep, head over right now and indulge in this.

Pineapple Ade (RM12)
Blue Lemonade (RM12)
Strawberry Ade (RM12)

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