MONSPACE Multinational Corp has developed its very own First MonGalaxy App in early 2017. Grand Launch of MonGalaxy App was held on 29th March 2017, at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur. Bringing entertainment and corporate news to your fingertips. “MonGalaxy is a multipurpose app developed for the customers of MONSPACE. It aggregates news about our businesses and deliver them efficiently to our subscribers across the world, encouraging a tight-knit communication loop,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, CEO of MONSPACE. 

To date, MONSPACE has grown exponentially and it was a success for them as it has 8 million subscribers across its many businesses. They have also expanded their operations to many industries, and updates are constantly available. In order to ensure customers get to keep track of all these informations and updates right from the official source. MonGalaxy app is developed which news about events or activities could be broadcasted over the app. “It makes communication highly efficient,” said Gary Cheok, founder of MonGalaxy and local artist. 

In conjunction with the popularity of mobile usage across the globe and the market demand for everything convenient, mobile apps were developed to seamlessly integrate all aspects of life into our mobile devices; be it socialising, entertainment, knowledge, productivity, or more. There is no room for us to underestimate the power of mobile applications! They are undeniably essential and help us maximizing our free time. 

Nowadays, companies across the globe are jumping on the bandwagon to start developing their own application as people are increasingly consuming content on-the-go on mobile phones or tablets instead of desktops. It brings their offerings & brands closer to their consumers, helps them share information quickly and seamlessly to facilitate reward systems or loyalty programmes. 
With MonGalaxy App, the primary benefit is to improve the brand’s image. It helps to deliver customer feedback quickly to corporations. At this instance, businesses are able to engage with customers much faster than conventional channels, ensuring satisfactory customer experience. 

Secondly, it helps in forming an affinity between a business and its customers. 
It creates a bridge of uninterrupted communication, drawing both parties closer to each other, maintaining a more sustainable relationship.

Besides of the benefits on business wise, games could be found on the MonGalaxy app to chill you out! 

“I have a few games on my phone too. In between appointments, I sometimes do play some games to help myself relax and refocus. There are many games developed to offer the elderly stimulate their minds, helping combat diseases such as Alzheimer’s. These games are also suitable for the average person to keep their minds occupied,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.  

Furthermore, live streaming functions play an important role in our lives too. A lot of media outlets are using this function to broadcast their news live, allowing the audience to spectate what’s happening first hand. Celebrities are also utilising this platform to stay connected with their fans. 

“MonGalaxy features this as well, so users are able to watch clips of our artists’ daily lives and the events they attend. They would also be able to watch MONSPACE charity or business events live. You wouldn’t miss a single piece of news,” said Alex Wong, CEO of MONSPACE Mall. 
There’s another interesting part of the app. It has a brand new feature: Fans can login to the app and send gifts to their favourite artists while watching their live stream! Users would definitely never run out of new and exciting content as other entertainments would be included on the app as well. 

In future, MonGalaxy would further explore TV and reality shows. Users would be able to stream TV series, movies, and music on the app. MONSPACE will also import popular shows from overseas, so users can enjoy a variety of good shows on the app. 

MONSPACE is confident that MonGalaxy will rise to become a leading entertainment brand, offering the latest and most exciting news to its users across the globe. 

Links to download MonGalaxy App: 

Apple App Store

Google Play Store