‘Grab it’ as in you could just grab a meal from here to your next destination. They offer delicious and affordable sets of bento and mantou series. Their float series and soft serves are what you shouldn’t miss too when you are here!

Bento Smoked Duck (RM12.90)
Simple and delightful! I would be so glad to have this for lunch during my break. Affordable and filling. The highlight of this bento is also the sauce they use – salted egg yolk sauce. Drooling now? hahaha Well, you can opt for teriyaki sauce as well if you do not fancy salted egg yolk.
Bento Fried Chicken (RM9.90)
The chicken is air fried which shows that they are serving a healthier version of meal. Salted egg yolk sauce again. Yum! 
 Fried Mantou w/ Smoked Duck & Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (RM7.90)
Smoked duck was good, tender and moist. 
Fried Mantou w/ Fried Chicken & Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (RM7.90)
Fried Chicken + Salted egg yolk = Diet starts tomorrow !
Steamed Mantou w/ Grilled Beef & Teriyaki Sauce (RM9.90)
Succulent and flavorful. 
Steamed Mantou w/ Smoked Duck & Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (RM10.90)
One of their best sellers and their smoked duck pairs up well with both mantou and rice! Give it a try.
Matcha Softserve (RM5.90)
Coconut Softserve (RM4.90)
Chayen Softserve (RM4.90)
Love their coconut and chayen flavor the most. Very rich in flavor and not too sweet. Even the price is very reasonable! 
Float Chayen (RM8.90)
Float Coconut (RM9.90)
The taste is very similar to the famous coconut milkshake in Klebang, Malacca. Now, you don’t have to travel all the way there to fix your cravings as this is equally delish!
Chayen Series (RM4.90)

Halzenut Chocolate (RM13) 
G- A3a, Utropolis Market Place, Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Shah Alam, Selangor