Goljade cafe is a pork free restaurant specializes in their very own western recipes from salads, soup bread to charbroiled beef ribs. What’s more special is that they offer free flow of salads, soups and bread! You just have to order a main dish and you’ll get to eat their homemade salads, soup and bread as much as you want! Good deal isnt it?! 

Sauteed tomato with herb’s sauce (RM15)
Comes with six pieces of mussels and the sautéed tomato on top of the mussels was very appetizing. A very delightful and light appetizer to go for before a steak dinner. 
Sausage Platter
A good platter to opt for especially when you are dining here with kids. 
Charbroiled Chicken (RM23)
Served with BBQ sauce accompanied by pasta & mixed vegetable. Soft and tender which goes pretty well with the sauce. 
Goljade Cafe Signature mixed grill (RM45) 
Combination of freshly grilled giant freshwater prawn, lamb chop, chicken chop, fish, a sunny side up, crinkle-cut fries, mixed vegetables and choice of sauce (black pepper or mushroom). A plate with a mixture of everything. 
U.S. Charbroiled sirloin steak (RM55)
Black Angus steak, served with crinkle-cut fries, mixed vegetables with a choice of black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.
Garlic Steak (RM39)
Served with golden fried garlic accompanied by crinkle-cut fries, mixed vegetables and choice of sauce (black pepper or mushroom). The steak was indeed tender and succulent. 
Charbroiled lamb chop (RM28)
Served with choice of sauce (black pepper or mushroom) and crinkle,cut-fries and mixed vegetables. 
Norwegiam Salmon (RM27)
Grilled salmon topped with dill cream sauce served with broccoli & crinkle-cut-fries. The dill cream sauce was really appetizing and delicious. It’s definitely a need for me to to pair it up with the grilled salmon! 
Ala-carbonara (RM25)
Creamy sauce pasta with assorted mushroom choice of beef bacon or turkey ham. 
Aglio E Olio Seafood (RM27)
Tossed spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, mixed garlic, dried chili accompanied by squid, freen mussels and prawns. 
Nasi lemak  (RM13) 
Their signature nasi lemak set lunch will be served on weekdays from 10am to 2pm. They have three selections for you to pair up with their signature nasi lemak, which are spiced chicken, mutton curry and rendang beef. 
Adorable drink made with watermelon, lychee and cat’s eye fruit. Thirst-quenching and great for couples to share. 
Orange Juice 
You can see how big of a difference is between medium size and large size. Is is also 100 percent pure squeezed orange juice. 
G5 & G6, Jalan Menjalara Idaman, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

11am-230pm // 6pm-1130pm daily