Garage 51 stands out loud along the auto workshops. A solitary building garnished in black and graffiti. Well suited with the name – Garage.

An interior with high ceiling and double-storey
They serve weekday lunch for just RM10 nett which comes with a main course and juice or ice lemon tea or lemonade. They serve different set lunch every weekday. 
Set Lunch menu will be changed every 2 weeks. 
 Nutella with hints of hazelnut awesomeness (RM18.00)
This is their new drink which is one of a messed up family drinks. They have mother, father and daughter messed up drinks too. This entire drinks is so fattening but who cares right. Absolutely good for me as im a nutella lover topped with cornflakes, marshmallow, cookies, caramelized popcorn and pretzel. The way they present this drink is really awesome especially with the syringe which contains milk in it.
Maria Parloa (RM19++)
served with diced mushrooms, homemade hash potatoes, smoked cured salmon, free-range poached egg with hollandaise. It was not too bad tho I didn’t fancy the hash potatoes.
 Overall, it’s not really a fulfilling dish. 
Awesome Garage Breakfast (RM22)
Bagel with baked macaroni, smoked chicken, garage hash brown potato, free-range poached egg, hollandaise. A small portion for breakfast and yet a fulfilling one. 
Morning Sunshine (Rm20)
Sunny side up with avocado, chicken, enokitake mushroom and sourdough. A simple breakkie or brunchy dish. Simple sourdough bread with the runny egg sunny side up. It’s so healthy and you should eat this if youre on a diet πŸ˜›
Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0 (RM26)
Poached egg, beef salami, jumbo sausage, zucchini fritters, enokitake mushroom & sourdough with fresh strawberries and peanut butter spread. A simply big breakfast dish. Sausage was fried on point. Zucchini fritter was quite unique eventho im not a fan of it. I like the cracker paired up with the avocado sauce. 
Grilled salmon with poached egg and sourdough (RM29)
Salmon is a lil overcooked and the skin is supposed to be crispy. I like my salmon to be cripsy on the outside , soft on the inside πŸ˜›
Their set lunch is good and affordable. Could drop by to have a cheap and fulfilling lunch. 

Address: 51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tue – Sun:11:00 am – 11:00 pm