At Fusionz Pot, it is not just about steamboat, but steaming a variety of fresh seafood right in front of you. Don’t miss the special deal! RM3.80 for a Medium sized crab! 
Clam with superior soups cooked right in front of you. 
Steam Seafood (RM19.80)
Fresh scallop, clams, and fresh live tiger prawns.

A variety of steam seafood set available! Pick your favorite one now!

Comprises of fresh scallop, clams, fresh live tiger prawns, dragon grouper and so forth! 
RM3.80 per crab! 
Only available during the weekdays. Terms and conditions apply* 
Pork Bone Broth (RM19.90)
The pork bone soup is well recognized for its creamy base and rich flavour which is complemented by the sweet ingredients that are constantly cooked within. 
RM8.80 per plate Take as many vegetables and pile them all up on a plate as high as you can. 
Nothing gets the soul all warm and fuzzy like a good, hearty selection of ingredients and steamboat while enjoying it together with your friends and family around the dinner table.


Homemade Pork Paste (RM7.80)
Homemade Prawn Paste (RM13.80)
Pork Belly 
Pork Neck
Opening Hours:6pm-11pm (Daily)
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