Beautifully located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which allows you to savour some authentic japanese cuisine while overseeing the breathtaking view. The layout of restaurant brings back the reminiscent of a wealthy Japanese family home in the olden days complete with a courtyard surrounded by mock houses, secret corridors, and bamboo plants. Dining the genuine Japanese way indeed perfect the gastronomical experience.


Chawan Mushi (RM13)
Steamed egg custard topped with yuzu. Smooth texture with excellent flavour.


Hamaguri To Wakame Ushio (RM22)
Japanese hard clam consomme and top quality wakame seaweed. The consomme was rich in flavour and has a nice fragrance.

Salmon Skin Ikura (RM25)

Deep fried salmon skin topped with juicy salmon roe. Crispy, crunchy and addictive.
Ebi Yuba Age (RM21)
Deep fried tiger Prawns coated with fuchuk. I love how it wasn’t too oily but still perfectly crunchy in every bite while the prawn remains juicy and succulent.
Shitake Mayo Yaki (RM15)
Nicely grilled shitake mushroom mayo blanketed with the most delicious mentaiko sauce. Highly recommend this!


Eringi Bata Yaki (RM15)

Butter sauteed eringi mushrooms topped with bonito flakes. Tad salty and oily but still a great dish. 

Hotate Kai Yaki (RM40)
Steamed scallop with wine. Pretty strong in alcoholic taste but sadly the scallops were slightly dry and overcooked.


Una-Jyu (RM40)

Grilled eel topped on steamed rice with sauce. Delicious melt in your mouth kind of unagi which you will not regret. The sauce was amazing.9 Jalan Delima, 55100, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

+60 3-2144 1022

Mon-Sat 1230pm-230pm // 630pm-1030pm
Sun 6pm-10pm