Lately, cafes are opening everywhere. One of the popular spot doesn’t exclude TTDI which has now become a decent hang out place for everyone. Frisky Goat is another good cafe that you shouldn’t be missed if you’re on a cafe hoping mission. 

It’s kinda always crowded and noisy here at The Frisky Goat. The gap between the seats are quite small which you can eavesdrop on your ‘neighbours’ conversation. So do avoid peak hours. 
They do have a variety of freshly baked breads and pastries.
 Desserts and pastries they serve.

Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM15) 
Mixed mushrooms veloute with truffle oil, served with garlic bread.
Eggs En Cocotte (RM21.9) 
Includes chunks of spiced lamb sausages, cherry tomatoes and comes with two slices of crunchy toast. It was quite a scrumptious dish and a brunch dish that shouldn’t be missed. Perfect comfort food. 
Egg Salmon Royale (RM24) 
Salmon was seared to perfection. A poached egg over Belgian waffles served with asparagus, sautéed corn and mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes and orange hollandaise sauce. Everything is better with a runny egg on it! 

Slow Roasted Chicken Confit (RM28) 
Served with sweet corn ragout, creamy mashed potatoes and thyme chicken jus. Mashed potatoes was velvety smooth. Decently good and filling.
Classic Belgian Waffles (RM14.5) 
Served with honey, butter, spiced roasted walnuts & toasted almond flakes, served with chantilly cream. The waffles were warm and crunchy. Taste was enhanced by applying butter on it. Not a fan of cream but surprisingly the cream was not that creamy which I still can eat it with the waffles yet I didn’t finish eating the cream. Don’t really like the taste of almond flakes. 
Waffles A L’Americaine (RM18.5)
Served with caramelised bananas & spiced roasted walnuts, drizzled with melted chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream & chantilly cream. The difference between the above one is just the existence of chocolate sauce, bananas and ice cream. I suppose it’s a lil too much to eat two waffles at once. So don’t be too greedy :P.

72, Jalan Burhanudin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 3-7731 2965

8am – 1030pm daily