Beer fans rejoice as Tiger officially launches the Tiger Crystal – a new brew, crystal cold filtered at -1°C for an experience that is unlike any other. The new Tiger Crystal alcoholic drink is currently available all across Malaysia.
Tiger Crystal is crystal cold filtered at -1°C to lock in the most sought after aromas and flavours. It is an ultra-refreshing, easy-to-drink, and less bitter than other offerings in the market – providing
ultimate refreshment for drinkers looking for something unique.
The secret of Tiger Crystal is the special ‘light-stable’ hops used in the brewing process, imparting a more rounded flavour and pale golden colour to the new brew. Combined with the crystal cold filtration, this results in an exceptionally refreshing, crisp and pure lager with a less bitterness.

The packaging flaunts a beautiful crystal clear ‘flint’ bottle which helps show off Tiger Crystal beer’s clarity, it is available for purchase from today in bars, clubs, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, supermarkets, and any other places that sells Tiger Beer.
The alcoholic refreshment was launched to the public at ‘KL’s Coolest Bar’ – a specially-constructed cold room with a sub-zero temperature, situated at Publika Mall’s The Square. Donning warm winter jackets and gloves to protect them from the cold, consumers entered into a world of ultimate refreshment. 

After learning about the unique brewing process with a series of interactive installations, the intrepid explorers made their way through the frozen landscape towards their goal: the Tiger Crystal Ice Bar. The ice bar that was built out of real ice was the perfect location for guests to enjoy their first taste of new Tiger Crystal – served in custom-made glasses hewn from blocks of ice. 

While savoring the crisp, easy-to-drink beer, attendees explored the interior of the cold room, filled with magnificent ice sculptures and other art installations in true Tiger fashion.

After braving the icy temperatures inside, guests stepped back out to get the blood pumping again with some of KL’s coolest local bands. Performances from Ryot Jones, An Honest Mistake, Kaya, DJ Bunga and more provided a refreshing soundtrack to chill to throughout the weekend-long activation. 

And because a Tiger event would not be complete without a tantalizing assortment of street food, plenty of vendors were on hand to feed the hungry patrons.

Tiger Uncage Street Food heroes Bacon It and Kent Lee took center stage, with Kent’s signature Siew Yuk helping to warm up guests emerging from the ice bar. Bacon It had an interesting twist to their famous porky popcorn, with succulent chunks of bacon marinated in a Tiger Crystal glaze. Other vendors including MyBurger Lab, My Boba Lab, and The Social rounded off a menu designed to pair perfectly with the new brew.

“Tiger Crystal is a very exciting new brew, providing ultimate refreshment for Malaysian drinkers who want to beat the heat. It’s crisp, easy-to-drink and very sessionable – something we know Malaysian consumers are looking for. It’s been a hit in markets all across Asia, and now it’s time to bring it back here to Malaysia.” said Pearly Lim, Tiger Beer’s Marketing Manager.

If you missed ‘KL’s Coolest Bar’, do not worry as Tiger Crystal will soon bring ultimate refreshment across the country with a portable version housed in a custom-made Ice Truck. In addition to that, selected bars, pubs, and malls will see activations where consumers stand a chance to get their hands on the exclusive Tiger Crystal merchandise (while stocks last).
Tiger Crystal is now available across Malaysia, in cans (320ml), and bottles (325ml & 600ml). For more information on Tiger Crystal and to find out where the Ice Truck and in-outlet activations will be, kindly visit Please note that all promotions are open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.