Penang is one of the thirteen states of Malaysia and comprises an island and strip of land on the Peninsular Malaysia called Seberang Perai. Why Penang? Penang has always been an ideal getaway for sun, sea and sand holiday-makers. While travelling in Penang, endless enriching experiences could be unfolded which are bound to satisfy one and all – the culturally curious, the thrill-seekers, the revellers, the foodies and the explorers. Penang is a true melting pot of cultures with its blend of Eastern and Western influences. As the Penang State Tourism continues its mission to lure more leisure and business travellers to its shores, the ongoing “Experience Penang 2020″ campaign with the tagline ‘The Diversity of Asia” unveils more exciting features and happenings for the year 2020 and beyond.

The CEO of Penang Global Tourism, Ooi Chok Yan, gave a wonderful speech in Pullman KLCC about the Penang’s exclusive roadshow, showcasing the ‘Experience Penang 2020, The Diversity of Asia’ campaign, in line with Visit Malaysia Year 2020. The Penang State Tourism will also be taking part in the National MATTA Fair at WTC, KL from 1st to 3rd May where they will have a delegation of about 16 hotels and attractions.

The culturally curious travellers can experience the ever-present tastes, sights and sounds of Asia in Penang, where treasure troves of culture and heritage can be found in the city of Geroge Town, rural heartland of Balik Pulau and narrow hinterland of Seberang Perai. On top it, the World’s First, Tallest, Longest and More are all in Penang, where thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline fix at the World’s First Tower Curbed Skywalk, the World’s Highest Ropes Course Challenge, the World’s Longest Water Slide and more.

Penang is also touted as Asia’s Next Great Foodie City by Conde Nast Traveler which i totally agree with them! There are so many local hawker fares which have been passed down through the generations from sunup to sundown. Penang is a food paradise where you can never stop eating! Be certain that you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds in this melting pot of people, culture and cuisine.

For the explorers, Penang’s diverse landscapes of scenic coastlines, 130-million-year-old virgin rainforests and picturesque parks and peaks promise great outdoor adventures for eager explorers. Therefore, a usual three-day itinerary may not be enough to discover Penang. PGT leisure and business travellers may have to add in more days to their travel itinerary so they could explore Penang Island and Seberang Perai’s undiscovered and hidden holiday gems. For instance, Balik Pulau which is surrounded by scenic landscape has its own traditional trades such as bedak sejuk, belacan, and nutmeg-based products whereas Seberang PErai has a fish market (Pasar Bisik) that practices a bizarre trading ritual where bidders whisper into the fishermen’s ears for the catch of the day. Hence, there’s much more to Penang than just its well known icons.

Again, why Penang? New attractions are continuous introduced in Penang to ensure travellers always have something new to discover with each visit and to keep visitors occupied. Amongst some of their new attractions are Sia Boey, revamped Pulau Jerejak and the newly-opened Hillside Retreat atop their iconic Penang Hill.

Air and cruise passengers can soon look forward to enhanced travelling experiences. The Penang International Airport will soon undergo a much-needed expansion scheduled to begin in March 2020 while the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal is expected to undergo expansion works that would commence in the first quarter of 2020.

In a nutshell, you can never get bored of visiting Penang!