Dashi Dining Saya is a new Japanese cuisine store located inside The Japan Store, Isetan KL. Providing excellent quality of set meals at an affordable price. Their specialty is in incorporating umami, the fifth taste in their culinary dishes. It provides a savory yet meaty taste that is really satisfying to the palate, which means you get to enjoy the real “umami” here! 

Bento Lunch Boxes  

Ume Sets and Take Sets which is served with rice and soup. 

Rice w/ Hot Dashi Soup & Grilled Mackerel (RM27)
Bowl of Japanese rice, topped with seaweed flakes, fried garlic bits, sesame seeds, spring onion and a huge piece of mackerel grilled to perfection. The freshness of the fish was evident with natural hint of sweetness. Dashi soup was clear but strong in flavour, so delectable when eaten together with the warm rice and grilled fish. In order to enjoy this to the fullest, first pour in the sesame seeds and spring onions, then only pour in the hot and steamy dashi soup.

In the near future, they will be launching two new yummy set menu that is the oyako don which comprises of a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs, and also the fried chicken with tartar sauce set as shown below. Each set comes with a complimentary miso soup as well!

Fried Chicken w/ Tartar Sauce (RM27)
The chicken was fried to perfection, crispy and golden brown. So delicious when dipped into the tartar sauce. Comfort food indeed! 

Steamed Egg & Dashi Soup “Saya Style” (RM7)

Smooth egg custard made with the flavourful dashi broth. Simple, yummy and healthy.

Side dishes

Tofu & Kanabo Mushroom w/ Dashi Sauce 

Grilled Mackerel w/ Eryngi Mushroom “Saya Style”

Salmon Onigiri 

Shrimp Croquette 

Different flavors of Onigiri could be found here too! You could even request to wrap your Onigiri with seaweed!

Lot 10, 50, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur