Dannok is the name of a small town in Southern Thailand, on the border with Malaysia. Hat Yai is frequented by many travelers passing through from and to Malaysia, lending it a cosmopolitan feel that is unique to the area.  
M Hotel Danok 
M Hotel is the second largest hotel and one of most popular hotels in Danok. Offering at total of 150 rooms and suites.
Night view from my room. 
M Hotel also comes with outdoor pool and spa service, that allow guests to spend their day for relaxation.
White Temple @ Asian Cultural Village 
Hindu god, a huge Ganesha statue.
Water View Restaurant
The thrill to have your food send to you on a boat.


Awesome theme restaurant surrounded by serene and beautiful landscape. A wide variety of seafood selection here. 
Pee Nong Chicken Rice
 The full name of the restaurant is Khao Mun Kai Pee Nong Thong Long.
One of the most popular lunch stops along the way to Hat Yai from Dan Nok. 
A hidden market located at Tambon Samnak Kham. 
This tiny little stall is located right in front of First World Hotel. 
A local delicacy indeed! This is so delicious! 
If you’re craving for Chinese food, you can head to this Chinese stall which is right in front of Orange Grand Hotel. 
This small town is a heaven in terms of drinking places, from pubs, clubs & even a Disco called Paragon.
Spider Pub
One of the well known strip club joints. 
Hat Yai
Kim Yong Market 
The very well-known market that everyone who visits Hat Yai has to come. Many choices of items to shop here such as fabric, cosmetics, electronics, seasoned nuts and snacks. 
Asean Night Bazaar
 A shopper heaven that offers so many goods mostly clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. At the upper floor, there are lines of food shops selling multiple choices of authentic Thai food .
ASEAN Night Bazaar is the latest addition to the night market scene in Hat Yai.
Greenway Night Market
Personally think that this is much better than Asean Night Market with better choices of clothes and others things .A great, clean, well organised flea market.
Greenway Food Station
They have a two storey food court with  multiple selections of food on ground floor with seatings available on both levels.