Chizu Grand Opening Ceremony was held on 21 March 2017. Chizu is defined from the Japanese meaning cheese. Bringing you a brand new drink – coffee and tea specially crafted with cheese creating Japanese cheese drink, enabling a fashionable taste of lifestyle. 

Matching different coffee and tea roast with cheese to create an unique taste. Their drinks are made fresh daily using all natural Japanese cheese combined with various coffee or tea to create an original Japanese cheese drinks. 

Offering several variations of roasted and fruity teas. 

Matcha Red Bean 
As a matcha lover, I love this a lot! It turns out surprisingly good for me. The combination wasn’t odd and it tastes better than what I expected. 

Season Tea Cheese 

Coffee Latte Cheese 
Calling all cheese lovers! 

Roasted Uolong Tea 
Rich and smooth taste. 
Blackcurrant cheese 

Sunway Pyramid Mall, LG1.08A
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia