The new looking Chang Beer bottle has been launched – more elegant, pretty contour and good hand-feel. It’s a good-looking beer. The color of the bottle has also been changed from amber to green in order to attract more premium and younger drinkers. It’s easier to drink as it contains only 5.5-degree alcohol level, reduced from 6 degrees previously.

The purpose of launching this new Chang Beer is to deliver products that meet customer needs especially younger drinkers. A beautiful combination of fine quality malt, rice, hops, natural water, and selected yeast.

Chang Beer has been launched since 1995 in Thailand, which has swiftly captured the hearts and taste bud of the Thai people. With its attractive taste and a price that appealed to patrons, It then became one of the most famous brands in Thailand and is globally recognized as a symbol of the land of smiles – “the international Gold Medallion winner beer of Thailand”.

An amazingly good cold drink. Upon taking the first sip, it was pretty light and refreshing. Light by full bodied with a quick and mostly dry finish. Light sweet grassy, malty and earthy aroma with a hint of rice in its odor. Great bubbling and prickly feeling. And a smooth flowery bitterness that lingers as it tickles the back of my throat. Some hop bitterness in the finish. It was tad sweet, fruity and grainy. A slight citrus tang together with a crisp and very clean feel. It was surprisingly and pleasantly good. It didn’t only feel good in the mouth but went down extremely good as well without any extra gas or negative aftertaste. Then ultimately leaving a pleasantly sweetish feeling. Really impressed with its bitterly sweet and light mouth feel. Good and natural carbonation. A cold beer is definitely needed especially on a hot day!

Indeed a perfect companion to all things especially spicy Asian food as the sweetness from the beer will alleviate some spice.

The taste is so divine I can literally read book while sitting in a wall. =D

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