Stylish atmosphere and it would be a great place for a group to celebrate an occasion. It was undeniable that the interior is attentively furnished.

Bean-Can Roasted Free-Range Chicken (RM60)
Flaming BBQ whole chicken right in front of you. It was after then chopped up and served on a palate with homemade baked beans and coleslaw. I find it quite normal just that you get to see the whole chicken is on fire before chopping it into pieces.
Chef Pele’s Signature BBQ Lam Denver Ribs (RM75)
Tangy and crispy on the outside. Ribs are tender but they were too extremely fatty.
Smoked Duck & Peach Flatbread Pizza (RM35)
A pizza topped with smoked duck breast, peach, caramelized onions and cheese. The crust was quite thick and hard for my liking tho.
Passion Fruit Tofu Cheese Cake (RM20)
Served with berry coulis, red velvet powder and fresh berries. Light and not too sweet. Great way to end my meal!