Betong is a Malay word which means bamboo. Betong is a town in Southern Thailand, with many Malaysian tourists visiting the area due to its proximity to the Thai-Malaysian border. 
Piyamit Tunnel
Great spot if you’re interested to know more about the history and journey of Communists in Thai-Malaya.
 Walking through the tunnel was an amazing experience.
An exhibition that displays the war equipment.
It is very cooling inside the tunnel!









































Piyamit Millennium Tree
It is believed that this tree has been around for more than thousand years! 

Betong Hot Spring
A place to soak your tired feet.
Winter Flower Garden
 Good place to take pictures with thousands of exotic flower plants.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
There is a restaurant in the Winter Flower Garden. 
Refreshing beer on a hot day! 
They do provide massage service as well! 
Black & White Seafood 
A variety of seafood to choose from. Sugar cane juice by the bottle was refreshing. 
Krua Samui 









































Their fried soft shell crab is really good! 









































Inter Bird Nest Shop 

One of the local specialties that should not be missed when you’re in Betong! A warm bowl of bird’s nest with the right amount of sweetness. 
This stall is located at the city center near the clock tower. 
The broth is clear but flavorful. 
This stall is located at the opposite row of Modern Thai Hotel. 
Generous portion of noodles that is served with roasted pork, “Char Siew” and dumplings. 
 Modern Thai Hotel
The room is clean and spacious.
The best hotel to stay at in Betong. Convenient to get food as it is located at the center of town.