Looking for some good food in Shah Alam?
Look no further. Bert’s the place! 
From delicious Asian inspired main courses to mouth-watering desserts.

 A nice, fun and vibrant environment to enjoy your meal here.
Definitely a place that can make you smile.
a family cafe that has been established for almost two years. 
design is a mixture of everything. 
The food here is cooked with passion and love based on their own recipe.
the left is Hazelnut Latte (RM10) which it’s quite pretty decently rich
and good. 
In the middle we have Mango Selasih (RM6) which is mango with chia
seeds, while the right one is Paradiso (RM7) which is a mixed flavour of
fruits. Chia seeds make the entire drink look really different, in a better way of course. Paradiso is
more sour and I prefer the Mango Selasih 😛
Creamy Butter Chicken (RM14.90)
chicken in creamy cili padi butter sauce. Really creamy and buttery
with a lil bit of spiciness. 
It is one of their famous dishes and the
chicken serving is generous.
 Moi (RM9.90)
big bowl of rice porridge with anchovies mixed with dried chilli.
salted rash, salted egg and 
soy sauce. A healthy option you could
choose. Never knew porridge could pair up so well with the sambal
Roti Jala (RM7.90)
served with beef curry. Texture is smooth and slightly chewy. 
Beef curry is really good, and enhances the roti jala pleasantly.
Cucur Udang (RM7.90)
of bouncy prawn fritters served with homemade chill and gula melaka
Crispy on the outside , soft on the inside, goes up so well with
the special homemade sauce.
Nasi Lemak (RM14.90)
honey-spiced fried chicken, sambal ikan bilis,  anchovies, sliced
cucumber and boiled egg. The typical fragrant rice dish with sweet and
spicy sambal anchovies. The honey-spiced fried chicken is really
delectable and yummy. Like their special secret recipe of spices of it.
(hahhaha sorry)
Spicy Squid Spaghetti (RM12.90)
and squid cooked with green cili padi and carrots. An asian twist of
spaghetti version. 
It’s quite bland but spicy. Maybe a lil more seafood
should be added to enhance the whole dish.
Kari Kapten (13.90)
with rice or garlic toasts. Chicken in spicy tomato based gravy and
coconut milk. 
So this literally looks like curry, but it doesn’t contain
any of it. Literally entirely tomato based and some additional spices.
Sweet and sour simultaneously which pairs up well with the chicken.
Mee Kuah (RM13.90)
noodles in sweet potato based gravy with sliced beef, shrimp, egg and
vegetables. It’s a North version of Mee Rebus. Sweet and spicy gravy
with yellow boiled noodles. A simply but satisfying dish.
 Bifstik (RM11.90)
green peas soup served with rice or garlic toasts. If you have no idea
what ‘Begedil’ is, it’s  actually a fried till brown mixture of minced
meat, potatoes and onions. The minced meat flavour is stronger in a
sense. It might be a lil odd for you to actually dip the garlic toasts
into the soup, but trust me, it turns out quite different and good!
Sago Gula Melaka (RM5.90)
sago in lots of evaporated milk and gula melaka. One of my favourite
local desserts! Simplicity best describes this desserts. I guess they
should add more gula melaka to enhance the flavour to the next level.
S’mores (RM9.90)
and buttered digestive biscuits with chocolate and roasted marshmallows
topped with chocolate syrup. The mouth-watering marriage of marshmallow
with chocolate syrup! Digestive crumbs at the bottom makes the entire
desserts crispy and addictive.
Ristretto Sundae (RM9.90)
shot of Ristretto poured over crushed meringue with vanilla ice cream
and whipped cream, topped with shaved chocolate. It is kinda a dry
version of affogato haha. Bitter and sweet, yet scrumptious at the
meanwhile. The coffee infused cream on the top wasn’t too creamy and gives a stronger caffeine taste to the entire dessert.

Meringue sundae (RM10.90)
meringue with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. A creamy, crunchy and fruity sundae drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with lots of fruits and
ground nuts to make the ultimate dessert experience.
36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Tue – Sun : 12 pm – 11 pm