If you are a frequent gadgets user, you’ll absolutely need to charge your devices all the time without having to search for a power outlet everywhere you go. This is a brand new ABS power bank which is very elegant and highly portable. A handy power bank with a high capacity of 12000mAh and comes in white color slim sleek.

It has two USB output and you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time! Its specification are much better than what you may have expected. I was quite impressed. It charges my phone quickly and efficiently which takes roughly an hour and a half. It can fully charge my phone for three to four times. A simple matter to charge your phone instantly with just an adapter, isn’t it?
You can also tap the power button at the side at any time to check the battery level. 
What’s even better? It has a warranty of 2 years 1 to 1 exchange, which is first in the market of power bank.
A power bank with brilliant design that you can bring to everywhere. A necessity in life!
If you’re interested to buy ABS Power bank, kindly find the attached link for your reference.

ABS Power bank 11 street official store has opened, and they are now launching the Merdeka Sale with 20%to 30% discount. Don’t hesitate, this promotion is only available till 31 August 2016!. Here’s the 11 Street Store Link: http://bit.ly/ABS_11Street
For your infomation, C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Malaysia as well!