It is always not necessary to go to the seafood restaurant to satisfy your seafood cravings. 12 O’clock Barbeque Bar is a unique bar that serves unique seafood dishes and also offers great live music. They serve a variety of fresh and delicious seafood platter and each one of them is unique. Besides, a beer tower only costs RM90 during happy hour time! 
Lala Fried Bee Hoon (RM19.80)
Fried Wanton (RM9.90)

Fried Squid (RM9.90) 

Curry Popcorn Seafood Pot (RM288)
I highly recommend this seafood pot! The seafood is cooked in a rich and aromatic curry base to coax out the full depth of flavour. 
Frozen Shrimps and Crabs On Fire (RM188) 
The flavour of the booze is allowed to be infused into the shrimps and crabs without having to boil it. 

Drunken Prawns (RM59.80)
As the name implies, this dish will make you drunk! Incredible steamed drunken prawns cooked in Chinese wine. 

Chicken wings with special homemade sauce (RM12.90) 

A wide selection of bar snacks: chicken wings, fried wanton, fried squid and more!