Cafe 5 @ Pearl International Hotel

In conjunction with Pearl International Hotel's forthcoming 20th Anniversary Celebrations, ladies get to enjoy a very unbelievable promotion. Yes believe me, because it was really unbelievable for me at first! Cafe 5 is one of the hotel's favourite spot for organising parties and a place to plan gatherings. Read more if you don't wanna miss out on it! 

Before i start on all the promotions that was launched in conjunction with their 20th anniversary, let me just brief you through the place and the delicious steamboat semi buffet that is offered at Cafe 5!

 Warm, cozy and classy ambience where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

As its name "Sensational Steamboat Semi Buffet" suggests, it is a steamboat meal with a semi buffet where there will be a buffet line comprises of raw vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, and not to mention, assorted french and traditional desserts to accomodate the special interests of various groups. Hence, there will certainly be something that will suit your tastebuds.

Let me first introduce you to their steamboat which was well received by many. You're gonna love it!

It comes with a extensive steamboat platter which comprises of fresh seafoods such as crabs, prawns, seabass, mussels, clams and baby octopus. Also, the key ingredients for a good steamboat which are fishballs, mushrooms, crabstick, eggs, soft beancurd, assorted noodles and fresh greens. I find this steamboat platter interesting too as they serve smoked duck breast as well besides of chicken meat. I fell in love with the smoked duck breast right away as it was so juicy and flavourful. Overall, the ingredients of the steamboat platter are very fresh and of good quality. They're certified halal as well! 

Oh, and before you start, you can opt for a choice of your broth from either chicken soup or tom yum soup. The chicken soup was homemade, hearty, light and fragrant. It wasn't too salty and the flavour was just right. Who does not love a good chicken soup to go with their steamboat dishes? Definetely not me, as it is my go-to soup whenever i have my steamboat. On the other hand, the everyone's favourite tom yum soup was pretty great too as it has the perfect balance of spicy and sour that really hit my tastebuds. If you can handle the heat, do go for this as it is really appetizing.

Also, note that add-ons for the steamboat dishes are available! Feel free to order more as you wish as the price ranges from a whooping RM1 to RM12 only per serving.

Flower crab (RM12)
Sea prawns (RM12)
Seabass fish fillet (RM12)
Brown cuttlefish (RM12)
Smoked duck breast (RM12)
Chicken meat (RM10)
Mussels (RM10)
Clams (RM4)
Crabstick (RM3.5)
Enoki mushrooms (RM3.5)
Shiitake mushrooms (RM3.5)
Deep-fried four seasons roll (RM3.5)
Prawn dumplings (RM3.5)
Soft beancurd (RM3)
Eggs (RM3)
Corn on the cob (RM2)
Fishballs (RM1.5)
Chinese cabbage (RM1.5)
Baby romaine lettuce (RM1.5)
Yellow noodles (RM1.2)
Rice noodles (RM1.2)
Turnip slices (RM1)

Now, I will just walk you through their buffet line.

Lets start off with their beautifully presented and delectable desserts which includes assorted french pastries, cakes, puddings, traditional malay kuihs, and my favourite sago with gula melaka.

Up next is some fresh seasonal fruits where you can find dragon fruit, melons, watermelon and papaya. Fruits are great for you!

Also, their vegetables station is pretty complete with cucumber, tomatoes, coral lettuce, romaine, and other greens with up to five different unique salad dressings.

If you're a big eater, you'll surely love this section of the buffet as well. Delicious Young Cheow fried rice, fried rice noodles, noodles, stirred fried cabbage and mixed vegetables with cream. Yummm!

Currently, there are three on-going promotions here at Cafe 5! So, take note if you do not wish to miss out on these great deals that can save you a whole lot.

First of all, the “Sensational Steamboat Semi Buffet Promotion
Cafe 5 has launched a great deal of RM35.90+ per person to enjoy the steamboat semi buffet dinner. Note that it is applicable to a minimun of 2pax. Bring your loved ones to enjoy this amazing deal together!

Next, it is the “3+1 Deal”. 
As easy as it sounds, it simply means for the price of 3 person (RM35.90+ per person), you can bring another friend along to dine in for FREE! Yes, you read it right. All in all, it will only come up to RM28.50 nett for 4pax. Great combo don’t you think?

Lastly, “Ladies Nite
Similar to the second deal, but this is only specially for female guests at an unbelievable price of RM2+ per person. Ladies, do take note as it only happens on every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is subject to availability and 4 ladies per table and only limited to 30 ladies per night. If you’re interested, you better be there earlier as it is a first come first served basis. Reservations will not be entertained. Also don’t forget to share their post on any social media and be entitled to enjoy the fantastic deal.

5, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Located mid-way between KL & PJ)

603- 7983 1111

Mon-Fri  630am-10pm