Bean Reserve @ Bangsar

Drop by the cafe to satisfy your sweet tooth or grab a bite! The scrumptious and chilly soft serves here would certainly turn your daily time-out into a relaxing escape to a faraway place of indulgence.

Simple and minimalist interior.

Affogato with Espresso (RM15)
Amazingly smooth and creamy. Deliciously textured with crunchy cornflakes. Espresso was a tad too acidic for my liking. 

Affogato with Chai Syrup (RM 15)
Soft serve has a nice sweetness and creaminess. Tastes heavenly when eaten with the slightly sweet chai syrup. A decent treat for the sweet tooth!

Chai Latte (RM 11)
Cinnamon and spices fuse with a splash of perfect frothed milk, and has a light sweetness. This is not your ordinary chai latte.

8, Jalan Lengkok Abdullah, Malaysia

Mon to Fri   8am - 630pm
Sat to Sun  9am - 630pm