Top Places To Eat At Subang


Searching for something to feast on at Subang? We have the ultimate guide here :P

1. Jibby & Co
 Jibby & Co is definitely the place to enjoy your lunch and dinners.
It is located in Empire Subang Gallery.
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2. Whup Whup
A new cafe located in a former industry. 'Whup' you waiting for?
 A huge platform filled with youngsters' passion.
They do host events and this hipster-looking space is available for intimate functions too.
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3. Burgertory 
The place to get the best burgers in town. The meat was succulent and juicy.
Burgers here will definitely tantalize your taste buds. 
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4. Fatbaby Ice Cream

Fix your ice cream cravings here! 
I assure you their ice creams are delicious.

5. Flingstones Cafe
Flingstones Cafe is well known for its unique marriage of exquisite espresso and marvelous milk the sizzling and so forth that would ensure you to fall in love with it. Upon stepping in, the strong smell of fresh coffee beans would reassure you that you are at the right place to fix your coffee cravings. Look no further , link down below.
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6. Alchemist Dessert Cafe
"Alchemist" is a dessert café located right in front of Tryst. It surely serves and provides special space for people to savor, chill and relax. They serve freshly baked homemade Belgian Waffle and Shibuya Toasts. Drop by and fix your cravings here. 
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7. The Hungry Hog
A place where you could find all sorts of piggies. A fine and comforting place to eat if you want to have a lil more fill in your tummy. 
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8. The Owl Espresso
One of the best place to have bingsu (ice-shaved dessert) in Subang area.
Clear cut delicious flavours. 
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9. Morningwood Cafe
They serve awesome tasting cheesecake and quirky delicious comfort food.
So you got morning wood yet?

10. Good Friends Cafe
A good place to hang out to have lunch with your friends. Good friends. Get it , get it ? Haha
Okay I will stop with the lame pun if you click here.