Top Places to Eat in Publika


Thinking of what to eat when you're at Publika?
Fret not, there's a guide right here for you.

1. Senya Izakaya
A casual Japanese eatery that has a fun and good vibe which 
always have people queing up just to savour their delicious japanese food. 
Wassup Bee

2. Two Sons Bistro
Looking for a place to have your dinner? This could be on your lists to dine in here. 
More info: Click Me!

3. Edo Ichi
Edo Ichi is one of the finest japanese restaurant around which won't burn a big hole in your pocket. Perfect spot for me to satisfy my sushi cravings.

4. Ante Kitchen & Bar
Ante Kitchen and Bar is a fusion restaurant specializing in pork dishes.The dishes served at Ante are inspired by both Western and Eastern influences. This place will not disappoint.
Click here for more details.

5. Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Japanese fried food alert! A place definitely for you if you love fried food.
 The crispy delights just begs you to come back for more. 
More fried food goodness here

6. Okonomi
Malaysia's 1st Restaurant that serves your own customized sushi rolls.
They also have this beauty here , matcha lava cake :O
Make your own sushi here!!

7. Red bean bag
This is the place to be for those lazy sunday afternoons, or just any afternoons. 
In fact this places serves delicious food till the early evenings.
More details : RBB

8. S.Wine
Satisfy your pork cravings here at S Wine. Their food guarantees you to come back for more
Oink Oink

9. Fahrenheit 600
Serves Artisan Pizzas baked in a wood-fired brick oven which the temperature in it is 600 Fahrenheit which also reflects the name of this cafe. An intriguing place to be visited for pizzas.
More details : 600 pizzas? :D 

10. Mad About Coco
This place is perfect if you're mad about chocolate and desserts just like Coco 
Elegant desserts that will make your mouth water.