Morningwood @ SS15

A: Hey where you're gonna have lunch today?
B: Oh just nearby, gonna have Morning Wood, join in?

Ya, let that sink in haha.

Located at the ever busy SS15. 
MorningWood was previously known as Flat White.

Cheesecakes for sale, cheesecakes for sale! 

These cakes will make you droollllllll.

A quite petite space tbh. Avoid peak hours.

Mini frozen cheesecake costs rm11 each. Loving the variety of flavours of frozen cheesecake available here :D
Strawberry cheesecake was light and refreshing. The strawberries were a bit too sour tho.

Durian frozen cheesecake. The durian taste was really strong, 
definitely your choice if you're a durian lover.

Mango frozen cheesecake. Among all the cheesecakes, I love this the most. Loving the frozen mango and how well the freshness could still be maintained.

Peach frozen cheesecake. It's a lil bit sour, and it tastes good as it wont make you get bored of eating so many cheesecakes.

Oreo frozen cheesecake. A decent frozen cheesecake with oreo topping on top.

Dark Chocolate frozen cheesecake. It wasn't too sweet since it's dark chocolate. 
Chocolaty goodness in bite sizes.

Nutella Milkshake (rm 13)

Skinny Dip (rm 20)
You. Me. In a sizzling pan of shosuka (diced tomatoes, onions and red capsicum added with chicken sausages , crowded with sunny eggs served with brioche) It tasted exactly like the one Flat White had. And it was still so delis. Not your average baked eggs (cause it seems less baked to me) but if you're a baked eggs fan then fret not, this will not disappoint. 
PS: The eggs were running when I had it, :P unlike other customers that stated it was overcooked.

73-1, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 12:00 am