Project Space @ SS15

A hipster cafe run by Jane chuck, Ashley and Daphne. This definitely increase the opportunities for their fans to take a close up picture with them. 

Spacious and cosy space. The cafe is designed with a monochrome and minimalist look.
A hipster cafe which serves decent cuppa, healthy juices, cakes and tarts. 

They don't serve proper meal here. These are what you can get if you're looking for some light food. 

Passionate fruit juice (Rm16) from ThisJuice. It's a 100% cold pressed juice. A very heathy choice instead of going for caffeine cuppa. Indeed a refreshing and detoxing drink. 

Tea. (Rm10). Fuuny thing is that their tea would be cold very quickly.
I really like the design of the teapot but what's the use when you can't even
keep the drink warm enough ;/

Hot chocolate (Rm10) 
Decent cuppa and I guess it could be better. 

57-1, Jalan SS15 / 8A, Subang Jaya
Daily:  11 am – 12 am