Work31 Shop @ Kepong

Finally a decent cafe in Kepong ! It's been a long wait for these cafes to emerge in Kepong.

Work31 Shop Burger (RM13.90). Homemade chicken patty, pineapple, lettuce, caramelized onions, slice of cheese, bbq sauce, served with potato wedges. Tbh, the burger was not bad at all. The chicken patty was fresh and juicy. I really like how it taste a bit like Ramly burger but obviously x10 better.

Pancakes topped with bananas, whipped cream, raisins and drizzled with chocolate sauce. (RM7.90) Not a bad dish if you're planning to have breakfast here. The pancake was decent.Not the best (obviously) but really what else could you ask for coming from a recently open cafe in Kepong.

Tropicana Lemon, This is a whole new twist to your normal lemon juice. It's basically like a tangy lemony smoothie which makes the best thirst quencher. 

Spaghetti Marinara (RM13.90)
Above we have the fish pasta. Honestly , it was a lil bit disapponting .  It was quite salty. I guess their other pastas would taste much better. 

103 Coffee Workshop @ Sri Petaling & Work 31 Shop @ Kepong.