Twenty One Grams @ PJ Newtown

Twenty One Grams is a new cafe located just below Strawberry Fields Hotel.
And if you're still lost , you can search it up on waze. Works like a charm. 

Spacious cafe with plenty of seatings.

Perfect lighting for those who like to study or work while drowned in coffee and cakes.
The cafe's design plays around light wood oak. From the ceiling to the tables tops and floor.

Fresh cakes on display. Only waiting to be in your tummy.

Latte (RM9.90)
Their coffee beans are from Dark Horse which is imported from US. It's not just coffee, but it has great flavor all by itself. And it's less acidic and more caffeinated. A different kind of coffee you can get from here. 

Mocha Iced Coconut (RM15.90) 

I'm in love with the coco, nut. A nice twist to your mocha. If you're a fan of mocha and coconut you should definitely try out this concoction. The coconut milk was very fragrant. It's not as thick and sweet, giving it a very light aftertaste.

Classic Cheese Burger (RM17.90)
Homemade cheese burger, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato slices, pickles served with homestyle fries and beetroot sauce.  The patty was really good. Juicy and light , unlike any typical burgers. This burger won't leave you bloated. The fries were good too, what's not to like about homemade fries dipped in their original beetroot sauce made from siracha sauce, mayonnaise and beetroot juice. 

Cajun Grilled Chicken (RM19.90)
Cajun seasoned chicken breast served with garlic butter rice. The butter rice was really fragrant and buttery, yum. No flavours were sabotage in this dish. You can taste everything from the butter rice, to the juicy and tender cajun seasoned chicken breast. 

Churros with Espresso Chocolate (RM10.90)
I'm definitely a sucker for churros and this is so far the best of churros I have ever eaten. I've been discovering more and more churros places and I found this. This must be jotted down as your list if you're looking for good churros. Instead of the mainstream chocolate, they use espresso chocolate, which is not too sweet, and pairs up well with the long crunchy churros coated with cinnamon sugar. And it's nice to eat the churros just as it is. It was so scrumptious. More please :D
 Highly recommended! 

7, Jalan 52/16 , PJ Newtown, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tue - Sun:10:00 am - 11:00 pm
+603 7931 6407