Baba Low's 486 @ Bangsar

Baba Low's 486 is located in Bangsar. 
A restaurant that serves authentic nyonya dishes.

Traditional wooden chairs and tables. It brings those sentimental value
to anyone who come here. Reminds ourselves of our nice little kampung houses.

Cendol (rm 4.50) 
They serve good cendol here. However I would like thicker gula melaka with my cendol.

Pai Tee (rm 5.50) It was really good. Not as good as homemade pai tee but this is close to it. 
It was juicy and the filling with homemade chili sauce was divine. 
Let's not forget to mention that I love nyonya food :P

Popiah (rm 4.50) Their popiah was absolutely delicious. The skin looks thick, well it's because it made from egg white. It's really based on personal preference. I really like nyonya's style of popiah. 

Otak-otak (rm 7) It was really nice otak-otak compared to a lot I had. 
It was really fragrant and the fish was really really fresh.  
Pongteh (rm 7) Sweet, yet salty chicken braised in taucheo sauce. When I first had a bit of it, it really brought back memories of the meals my mum used to cook. It's a nice dish to pair up with warm white rice.

Mee Siam (rm 5.50)
Omgggg it was amazing. A mixture of Thai flavours and Penang flavours. Okay I don't that made sense but it was good and that's all Imma say. 

They also have Nyonya Laksa which was the bomb. It wasn't spicy, as it was really milky and sweet. If you're a fan of sweet creamy bowl of curry laksa then you should try this one ! (rm 6.50)

All in all, a restaurant to visit if you want to curb your nyonya food cravings. 
Delicious yet affordable.
  1. Address: 11, Lorong Kurau, Taman Bukit Pantai, 59100 KL.
  2. Phone:03-2284 8486