The Library At Publika

The library coffee bar in publika is one of the many(10) outlets in Malaysia. 
They serve 100% organic coffee beans which could be difficult to find anywhere else.

 It definitely functions as a mini library which serves good coffee and treats.
 A good afternoon could be spent in this place by just reading the books they provide while sipping your cuppa. Sounds like a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Desserts and sparkling juice they provide. 

Menu on the board. And different flavours of cookies are served as well. 

A mini library with books aplenty arranged neatly. Colorful ambience with good lighting to enjoy your day here instead of a typical boring library which you can't even bring food into haha.

The seats behind the book shelf. 

The top is Cappuccino (RM10.50). A good cup of it i could say. 

Fresh Fruit Waffle served with ice cream, chocolate syrup, almond and choice of fruits (RM15.50)
For me, it just a decent waffle. But it compliments well with the cuppa.

Top left is Iced Mocha Latte (RM13.00). Decent and good. 
Top right is Iced Blended Pure Vanilla (RM13.50). Could be better. 
The bottom is Hot Chocolate (RM11.00). Non-coffee drinkers could opt for this choice.

Somedays, you just need to spend a quiet afternoon in this unique mini library. 
The most important thing is, you can eat in this library!

D3 - G3 - 8, Block D3, Unit No. 8
 (Facing the back of Morganfield's & O'brien's), 
Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, KL. 
Tel: 03-6419 0382