POKC @ Uptown

POKC stands for People Of Kheng Chew. The Hainanese was originally referred to as Kheng Chew. 

It is a four-storey building, painted in black which gave a mysterious vibe. 

Cosy, comfortable and trendy chamber with a touch of heritage relevant to the legacy of Hainanese ancestors and in a way relevant to urban sense. Comfy seatings which you would definitely kick back to enjoy your day.

Variety flavour of cakes provided 

Hot Chocolate (RM10). They use Belgium Chocolate and i would say their chocolate is very milky and rich. Definitely a nice substitute for coffee.

Roti Babi (RM16)
Traditional deep fried egg-coated Hainanese Bread with minced pork stuffing. The bread was very soft and fluffy. The minced pork stuffing was great ! The bread was a bit too thick, wish there was more meat so that I could wrap it with the lettuce. That's another way to eat those delicious minced pork. Tho the lettuces were not that fresh :/

Cordon Bleu Koi (RM25)
Deep fried breaded Chicken Chop wrapped around pork ham and cheese, potato fries and mixed vegetables with brown sauce. It is scrumptious. The skin was fried perfectly, creating a not too floury kind of crispiness, yet giving sufficient taste. Cheese running out from within upon taking a bite. Pork ham was quite good too. Something I would come back for seconds ! 

Okay, I was back here for seconds and thirds ! I love the food here. Call me obsessed.  
and Oh, this time, they have additional new food items. YAY. Pork bugger . 

Homemade dumpling (rm 10.90++)
A soup dish of 8 pieces of sweet and savoury dumpling that warms your heart.
It didn't warm my heart, cause it literally wasn't warm it. But overall the dish pork dumpling was good when dipped with vinegar. Something unusual here as they normally would serve fried dishes, this is one of those which are not fried.

Pork Chop (rm 22.90++)
Tender grilled pork chop served with a side of vegetables and sweet potato fries accompanied by a batch of freshly made gravy.  An Asian meets western dish. The gravy tasted like those fried little pork balls you would have in typical chinese restaurants, AH, memories.
OK , the pork chop was absolutely amazing. You just need to try it.

Kheng Chew Koi Burger (rm 23++)
Chicken Chop, sunny side up egg, cheese & fresh salad snuggled with sweet and savoury sauce on a bun. Served with sweet potato fries. The burger was to die for T_T The chicken chop was absolutely succulent with the delicious sweet and savoury sauce. Leaving you wanting for seconds with an empty stomach (till next time of course)

You should definitely pay a visit to taste some Hainanese inspired food.
btw: no GST , SWEET:D

No. 12, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
Wed - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm