Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine @ KLCC

Chakri Restaurants serves authentic Thai cuisines specially prepared by selected award wining chefs. And they are well known for their unique Royal Thai Cuisine which is a statement 
that shouldn't be denied. 

Seats are aplenty, but might be quite crowded during peek hours. Reservations could be made. 

Perrier (Sparkling) (RM11.90++). Just a normal gassy mineral water. 

Chinese Tea for (RM6.90++). It's bottomless. 

Chakri Tom Yam Red (Southern Style) Soup. (RM18.90++)
Chakri's rendition of the famous sour and spicy lemongrass soup served in red soup base. Quite a good appetiser that reminds my tummy that theres something better coming after this. 

Thai Mango Salad (RM21.90++)

Fresh sliced mangoes with onions and dried shrimp. A must have when eating out at a Thai restaurant. Not overly sour which makes you crave for more.

Sizzling / Stir-fried Black Pepper Beef (RM34.90++)
Beef served in black pepper sauce on a sizzling plate. The sizzling black pepper sauce enhances the taste of the beef and the beef was cut perfectly into appropriate sizes.

 Pineapple Fried Rice (RM22.90++)
Signature Thai dish with added shrimps and vegetables. Not a very special dish.
One could order this if you don't want white rice and still have something to keep them full.

 Traditional Phad Thai Noodles (RM22.90++). Authentic Thai noodles served with crushed peanuts, chilli flakes, bean sprouts and a refreshing slice of lime. It was scrumptious and I couldn't get enough of it. Pad Thai is one of my most favourite Thai dishes. I can never resist this. 

Mango Sticky Rice (RM19.90++)
Sticky rice sweetened with coconut milk and topped with fresh mango slices. Tho my stomach was d bloated, desserts are like an unhealthy lover that I just can't reject. The pandan sticky rice smells good, matched up well with the concentrated coconut milk.

Chakri Red Ruby Water Chestnut (RM18.90++)
Homemade red ruby water chestnut, sago, jackfruit and vanilla ice-cream served with icy coconut milk. Another Thai dessert that shouldn't be missed.  I want seconds :D 

A restaurant that serves authentic and yummy Thai meals. This place will keep you satisfied and full.

Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
603-5569 2211