Umai-Ya At KLCC

UMAI-YA is yet another classy Japanese restaurant that has found its way to KLCC. It's located at the 4th floor level just beside the food court, the restaurant prides itself in innovative dishes which are combination of both traditional Japanese cuisine and fusion comfort.

Umai Tuna Salad (RM18.90++). Tuna Salad served with japanese mayo.
Tuna was fresh. A great japanese salad for your starter.

The bottom one is Gindara Ninniku Yaki (RM45.90++). Grilled White Cod fish with Garlic Mayo Sauce. Im a cod fish sucker, and this cod fish was so scrumptious too. The cod fish was fresh and soft, the sauce was so so good and eating it with the cod fish it just too not enough. Too good to resist. I just can't get enough! 

The top middle one is Sake Pumpkin Cheese (RM14.90++). Pumpkin Tempura with Salmon And Cheese on Top. The taste is quite special. The pumpkin is sweet, but the cheese covered the taste of pumpkin as it was a bit tangy and strong. Might not get used to it upon the first bite, but taste would get better at the last bite. ;P

The top left one is Erengi Butter Yaki (RM16.90++). Stir Fried Oyster Mushroom with Shoyu Butter Sauce. The mushrooms were thick and juicy and eating it with the butter, it feels like the butter is melting in your mouth. It was so nice, I wish i could have more of it. 

The top right one is Sake Bomb Maki (RM32.90++) Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Wrapped Raw Salmon and Smoked Eel. It was crispy and the eels were not fat, thats why it enhanced the taste. It was just a bomb.

The bottom one is Gindara Ninniku Yaki (RM45.90++) which I've mentioned above.

The right one is Edamame (RM9.90++). The boiled green soya beans with salt. Definitely a need for appetisers but its kinda overpriced for this since it was just a decent Edamame which can be easily gotten from any Japanese restaurant. 

The bottom of the Edamame is Garlic Fried Rice (RM7.90++). I ordered this to eat with the Tori Ninniku Hot Plate + Chawan Mushi (the most bottom one)(RM24.90++). The chicken on the hot sizing plate is scrumptious, but it would be quite salty if just eating that without the rice. Quite a sinful self created set, but who cares, since I'm forever hungry. 

The top one is Cha Soba + Tempura Moriawase (RM31.90++). Cha Soba on ice to keep it cool. Wow, it looks amazing ! The tempura was good, was not oily and it was light. A very nice dish.

Clockwise starting from the top. 
#1. Garlic fried rice (RM7.90++) which I've mentioned. Smells good and  taste nice. 

#2 and #5. are together in a set. Arrowtooth Ninniku + Kinoko Soup (RM32.90++)
The soup was alright. A different twist to ordinary miso soup. It had a lot of mushrooms in it, yum. The fish was not as good as codfish, obviously but it was alright. Fresh and juicy. 

#3. Erengi Butter Yaki (RM16.90++). Ordered again since it's so nice and I'm a mushrooms sucker. 

#4. Kani Unatama Maki (RM19.90++). Soft Shell Crab, Tamago & Eel Wrap with seaweed. The soft shell crab was dang crispy and crunchy. The eel was fresh and did not contain a lot of fats, which is a good thing. The wrap was flavourful with different textures. 

#6. Ika Hot Plate (RM23.90++). Stir fried Cuttlefish with Garlic Sauce. Garlic sauce with anything is just so good. The cuttlefish were tender and juicy. Cooked to perfection and tasted dang good with the garlic sauce. My guilty pleasure. 

Indeed a japanese restaurant that should be paid a visit. Not just once but more and more! The food is just so good. Service is good. Definitely coming back again tho I already came back again for like fourth times. Highly recommended.