Toy's Cafe At Georgetown, Penang

Toy's Cafe is a cafe that showcases various types of toys. I think it has the full collection of transformers. So to all transformers fans out there, don't think twice to visit your 'homeland' 

A collector's paradise

Graffiti inspired by different cartoons. Kids would definitely have their eyes feast for some cool painting of their favourite cartoon characters.. 

Cakes they serve. Slices of cakes will be served on the board with cartoon scribbles. 

These three are iced chocolate (RM9.90)
All kind of cute cartoons will be drawn on the drinks too. 
Sadly, their iced chocolate are quite diluted, especially my friend's one, 
her one is totally like iced water. 
Wish they pay attention to the taste of the drinks next time around.

Hot chocolate (RM8.90)
The hot chocolate was okay. Served on a plate with a small piece of butter cake.
And again, they will draw your favourite cartoon characters upon request.

The batman drink is iced mocha (RM10.90). Quite diluted as well. Nothing special. 

The full pic of all the drinks we ordered. The middle one is Iced Rose Latte (RM10.90) with the superman art on the drinks. The taste was quite weird. Not something I usually have.

Overall, they took quite a long time to serve the drinks.
Probably they were spending a lot of time on the cafe art. Drinks could be better.
And I guess this cafe suits more for toys and cartoon lovers as
they can spend their time there talking about the toys while
surrounded by their favourite toy collection.

67, Lebuh Bishop, 10200, Georgetown, Penang
Mon - Sun: 11am - 11pm