The Morning After At Jaya One

Pic from The Morning After
Everything begins the morning after. *insert cheeky smile. Don't think too much; i mean with a hearty breakfast and a good cup of coffee. An interesting cafe name with an interesting mismatch of industrial and rustic design elements. 

The front one is American Dream (RM19.90). My stomach felt bloated after kickstarting my day with this American Dream. Two eggs to your liking: poached / sunny side-up / scrambled. Your pick of meat: Beef Bacon / Turkey Ham. Your Pick Of Sausage: Lamb / Chicken & a slice of buttered sammie and roasted herbed potatoes. I ordered scrambled eggs, soggy and even coloured. Roasted potatoes and mushrooms were good. Bacons could be better if it's more crispy. Not a sammie bread fan tho. Others were good. 

The back one was Vegetarian Delight Sammie (RM15.90). Mozeralla cheese, pesto, rocket salad with balsamic dressing and summer vege. A good choice for anyone who don't want meat. The contents of the sammies were all good. Except for the bagel itself, as it was a bit hard to cut and chew. 

The above one is Bangers and Mash (RM16.90). Chicken sausages wrapped in beef bacon, with a side of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes paired with the sauce and is indeed delectable that i wish i could have more. Chicken sausages with bacon was good. The below one is After The Rain (RM16.90). Poached eggs on a bed of sauteed mushrooms and rocket salad with balsamic glaze. A wonderful dish to kick start any day. The balsamic glaze brought the dish so much flavour and depth.

Price is quite reasonable. Some of their dishes look small, but it's actually quite fulfilling to consume each of them.