The Front Door At Grocer's Inn, Jalan Sultan

The Front Door is another hidden gem located at Grocer's Inn along Jalan Sultan
 on the same street as Coffee Amo. It's a definitely another new place to hang out. 
There's backpackers homestay right upstairs.

The ambiance protrudes a rustic feel. The brick walls concept which look simple yet elegant.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

Pastries and drinks. Tapir sodas are my favourite so called 'healthy' soft drinks. :P

Mocha (RM10) & Latte (RM9)
Coffee is up to standard. 

Their signature toasts or open sandwiches are highly recommended, and shouldn't be missed. 10 different choices of toppings on toast are available. One slice costs RM6, three slices for RM18 and six slices for RM25. Each of them looks appealing and scrumptious. 

Clockwise starting from the top. 
#1. Green pesto which are spread generously on the toast, grilled chicken and caramelised orange. 
#2. Bacon, lettuce, cheddar and cherry tomatoes. 
#3. Cream cheese, cucumber ribbons, smoke salmon and capers. Not a fan of capers, but the combination of the other three is just perfect in a way. 
#4. Cream cheese, asparagus, sautéed mushroom and hard-boiled egg. I personally love this so much. Mushroom are very juicy. Highly recommended. 
#5. Honey, bacon, cheddar and strawberry. 

Again, clockwise staring from the top. 
#1. Peanut butter and caramelised banana. Sweet and soft caramelised banana. 
#2. Cream cheese, sliced avocado and fried sunny side up. The creaminess of the toasts with avocado and warm fried sunny side up would be another good combination. 
#3. Mozzarella cheese, sliced fresh green apple, almond and salted caramel.
#4. Cheddar, jam and strawberry. A sweet toast shouldn't be missed too when you're having too many savoury toasts! I can definitely taste that the strawberries were fresh 
#5. Pizza sauce, mozzarella, peperoni and fresh Basil. Just like eating a decent pepperoni pizza but the bottom part is not pizza dough but toasts. :P 

The Front Door Platter (RM22)
Creamy scrambled eggs complete with bacons, sausages, sautéed cherry tomatoes and mushrooms served with slices of toasts. This decent breakfast platter is really scrumptious. Every thing is served in the right portion. 

Pesto Chicken Pasta (RM17)
Spaghetti mixed with freshly made nutty pesto served with slices of pan seared chicken breast. 
Not a pesto fan, but one should give it a try if you're one of pesto fan. 
Chicken breast was good and well cooked. 

The combination of food on the toasts might sound weird, but they actually are well paired. 
Price are quite reasonable. Be sure to visit this place. 
Signature toasts will be definitely partying in your tummayyy! 

78, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 10:00am – 6pm (closed on Thursday)