Hop Hop Cafe At Subang SS18

Let's hop into Hop Hop Cafe! Bunny and also animal lovers unite !  Minimum one drinks per person if you want to go in and pet the bunnies. Bunnies in hop hop cafe are adopted and they look very active and chubby. 

They do serve homemade cakes

The left one is Mermaid (RM9). It's one of a kind, as it is only found in this cafe. It's a mixture of hazelnut, chocolate and coffee. For me, it's a decent cup of coffee that is a bit too sweet. It could be nice for one if one likes the combination of these three elements in a drink.The milk was fresh. My guess that it's normal milk bought from regular supermarkets haha.

Bunnies in the glass-sealed room

The bad thing about it is the  bunnies' room is a bit stuffy. Room ventilation system could be improved. Staffs are friendly. Animal loves could get yourself surrounded by hopping bunnies! But the bunnies are not that friendly tho. They like to hide in under the shelter. You could attract them by bribing them with celery hahaha. You could even bring along your own pets. 
It's a great experience and hang out for animal lovers.

7, JALAN SS18/647500 Subang JayaSelangor, Malaysia 
Opening hours: 7am - 9.3-pm