Guides To Top Five Hidden Cafes In Bangsar

It's time to search for some interesting activities to do. Why not discover hidden cafes which are newly located in Bangsar?

1. PCLO Cafe @ Modvier

This hidden gem is located behind a boutique shop named Modvier. A fully outdoor cafe which would be quite warm but no worries, there'll be standing fans to ease the heat. Famous for its churros. It's recommended to come here for a quick bite and a good cuppa.

2. Pulp Papa Palheta

Another hidden located behind the NTSP Balai Berita Building. A cafe which showcases coffee in various forms and houses a Cupping Room, a C-platform and a workshop. A cafe which serves coffees and pastries. It would be a nice stop for a drink.

3. Dr Inc

A new hidden gem which just opened in mid-Dec 2014. It's located at Jalan Kemuja, near Straits Food Company. They have unique espresso combination especially their Presso Bomb. The way the barista serves is very interesting and memorable. Delicious odd mixture. 

4. Lorem Ipsum 

A newly open cafe right above a dental clinic with no signboard currently in a housing area. A cafe with a new outdoor view of lush greens in between of houses along Jalan Bangkung. 'Simplicity is the key' rings true in this cafe. 

5. Monkey Garage @ Regal Valet

It's located at the end of Jalan Maroof between Toyota Showroom and Regal Valet. A non-halal cafe. Racing gears and equipment on the wall which suits well locating next to a showroom. It serves mostly Malaysian flavours.