Feeka At Bukit Bintang

Packed during peek hours, so we had to sit by the bar. 
Interior was not really furnished ?

Simple and spacious design for the kitchen.

Desserts and pastries

4 picollo latte (rm 10)  surrounding 1 mocha (rm 12)
Picollo latte is their signature latte and it would be perfect for caffein lovers.
Cappuccino (rm 10)

Beetroot salad (rm 17)

Roasted beetroot with fresh orange segments, goats cheese, arugula leaves, a medley of nuts sees and dried fruits with honey and lemon thyme. 

Moroccan Chicken (RM 28)
Couscous, chickpeas, chicken and little salad. TBH, it looked like typical nasi briyani with chicken and tbh it does taste like it. I ordered this because I wanted to try what couscous was and well I didn't expect it to taste like rice. haha, I didn't know what I was up to. 

Meatball Pasta (rm 18)
The meatballs were a bit salty, so it would be better to eat it with the pasta. The sauce was delicious, perfect for any tomato sauce-based fan. A nice decent pasta dish.

The first and fifth one is Feeka big breakfast (RM20) It included sunny side up, chicken sausage,  rosemary potato hash mushroom, beef bacon, toasted brioche.  From the name, you would have  expected that the dish would be so big. In the contrary, it was kinda small.  Potatoes were soft,  mushrooms were juicy, sausage and bacon were good and juicy too.  Everything tasted good, just that  it's kinda overpriced with the amount of food served. 
It's like you can cook this dish at home easily as well.

The second one is Brioche frensh toast (RM16) with spiced pineapple 
in orange sauce topped with cream. Portion is super small haha. 
It smells so good upon serving. The brioche is light and fluffy. 
Well eating it with the orange sauce.

The third one is scramble platter (RM16) which consists of 
scrambled eggs on toast and sauteed lamb sausage. 
Scrambled eggs are well cooked, creamy in a right portion. 
The amount is not enough for a glutton like me. ;P

The fourth one is Fried platter (RM19) includes fried eggs 
with yellow potato hash served with duck confit. Quite a satisfying dish i could say.

Overall, the food is good, just that the breakfast portion might be a lil small.

19, 19, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening horus: Mon - Sun : 8am - 12am