Dr Inc At Bangsar

Dr Inc is another new hidden gem located at Jalan Kemuja near Straits Food Company. They just opened last Sunday. Unlike other hidden gems in Bangsar, this gives a great experience as the interior is very special. It would be another cosy place for one to enjoy one's afternoon here. 

I ordered the Presso Bomb which consists of ice cream soda from Malacca and espresso. The way the barista served us the coffee caught my attention. It's really interesting and memorable. Firstly, he poured the ice cream soda into the glass, then he put the espresso into the glass. One could see the process from the second pic. Third and fourth pic shows the result of the final mixture. The taste of the odd mixture is uniquely delicious. This is something extraordinary.

They do serve unique beverages like Fat Americano(Coke with Espresso), Che Guevara (Iced Cube Espresso with lemon wedge), decent caffeine drinks and chicken salad. My guess is more food will be coming its way. Overall, great service and a cozy place to enjoy.  I would definitely come back to try out their other unique espresso combination.

DR.Inc Cafe @ Bangsar
8 Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours :
Mon - Fri : 8am-7pm
Sat - Sun : 9am-7pm