Brewmen at Solaris

Brewmen is located at Solaris Mont Kiara along the road with Departure Lounge, Pretz n Beans and etc. It's difficult to find parking here so keep your eyes open.

 I love how the interior of the cafe is decorated with paper cup holders. That's the center of attention for this cafe. And there're also bicycles that are oddly hung on the wall. Somehow this place gives me such a nice artsy vibe.

Cakes and juices sold throughout the day.

Brewmen is famous for their waffles and coffee. I didn't order any coffee but I did get the milk with granola. (rm 6)

The waffles with ice cream and marshmallows were fantastic! You can taste the playful combination of soft chewy marshmallows with the crispy ice cream and sinful ice cream dancing in your mouth. You should really try this out! 

I also ordered the banana and nutella waffles. It comes with vanilla ice cream. This one is alright. If you're a big fan of nutella in just about anything then this could be your choice. Personally I don't find this special cause you can get this in a lot of places.  But if you really want something special then it's recommended to try the waffles with the marshmallows.