Acme South at Bangsar

Acme South is located in Bangsar Village. This brings a southern twist to the Acme Bar n Coffee (ABC). If you're a fan of southern soulful comfort food, this would be it. 


The smoking area is quite warm and sunny. The non-smoking area is cold and windy. Haha opposite extremes, Super spacious with many many many seats.  The place was quite comfortable and quiet during brunch time. Not very sure about dinner time tho. 

Big Breakfast (rm 30++)
 The Big Breakfast comes with beef bacon, brisket, roasted potato, scrambled eggs and biscuit. If you're gonna eat southern food, my guess that it'll be quite soulful and comforting. However, this wasn't quite comforting as the dish was a bit too salty for my liking. The bacon was crispy but salty. The scrambled eggs were not bad so were the roasted potato. The brisket however was a bit too dry. N I didn't really enjoy the biscuit. The texture was a bit like flour mixture. 

Southy Breakfast (rm 17++)

 Southy Breakfast consist of sunny side up, beef bacon on top of two biscuits. My friend ordered this thought that the biscuit was good so, I guess it's just about personal liking. The beef bacon was again, crispy but salty. The sunny side up complimented n completed the whole dish to make it more soulful. 

Beef Breakfast Burrito (rm 19++)

The burrito was not salty (thank god). It was actually quite good. It was largeeeeeeeee, and quite satisfying. The warmly toasted tortilla wrapping the soft beef brisket, salad and warm eggs make it a fulfilling meal. It's pretty much a good burrito. 

Small Breakfast (rm 17++)
 Sunny side up , biscuit and two chicken sausages. Perfect for people with petite appetite. 
Since the biscuit was a bit bland, the sausages make a good pairing with the biscuit. 

Rice with Chicken and Omelette (rm 30++)
The rice with the chicken and omelette was alright. The chicken however was a bit salty. So I guess it will be okay for those who like one's food seasoned very well. All in all, this dish was nothing special.

Smoked Salmon Sandwhich (rm 25++)
My friend who ordered this is clean eating. So she ordered her 'healthy' sandwich without any sauce. Form the looks of it it's a decent sandwich. The potato wedges were very good tho haha. Not such a good idea for anyone who's trying to eat clean to have a meal in restaurant serving southy soulful food.  Probably one should stop by here for dinner or lunch (for something heavy). Breakfast here is not really a good choice. 

    Mon - Thu:
10:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat:
10:00 am - 1:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 am

 03- 2283 6288