Nosh, Bangsar

Picture taken from Nosh

After cafe hoping, my stomach was gonna explode but as I have mentioned before, I'm forever hungry. That's why I decided to try out Nosh, the famous deserts restaurants. The choices of 
desserts are plentiful and it all looks so tempting. Many paintings are hung on the wall, 
creating an artistic ambience. 

The staffs were really friendly and quick. Although I was very full, I did not want to miss their signature desserts, The Valrhona Heaven. The chef was kind enough to add more whip cream when they saw me taking pictures of the dessert. Tho the whip cream kept melting even after it's replenished. 

The Valrhona Heaven, a taste of heaven at only RM32++. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. From the left there's the divine chocolate ice cream, molten chocolate cake 
and tart au chocolat. The molten chocolate cake was splendid. You can feel your taste bud 
tingling even before tasting it when you cut the cake in the middle and see all the 
chocolate running out. The tart was crunchy and chocolaty.

Kiss the cocktail

I ordered the Mojito as well as after having the desserts, it is better to have a thirst quench cocktails to satisfy myself. The Mojito is a timeless Cuban favourite made with rum, sugar, fresh lime juice, soda and mint leaves. This really gave me that burst of citrusy minty sweetness.

When the evening strikes, they placed each table a white candle creating a romantic atmosphere. 
Overall, the signature desserts and the cocktails are highly recommended and 
I'm definitely coming back to try out their other desserts and cocktails. 
No. 7 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: +603 2201 3548

Mon - Thurs: 10AM - 11PM
Fri - Sat: 10AM - 1AM
Sun: 10AM - 11PM